Friday, December 31, 2010


Its only 2 hours to go to be in 2011. Feel sad to leave year 2010. There is so much things happened. However, life must go on. We have to be looking forward. Hope this coming year will make our life goes more better. Hope so.

Normally, people will asking us, what is our wish for new year. Will, for me there is none interesting to share. Just pray to God for make my life happy and i get what i want. I want?? actually i don't know what is it. Just ready myself to be face what will come to me. I ll grab that if its is big chance to be better life. haha what the silly!

So, 2011 is coming and i have to open new diary. I will not look back again. Just don't ever stop to go forward. sigh!

To night, I didn't go anywhere, just celebrate new year 2011 at home. Its rainy outside since this afternoon. (hope my kg is not flooded). But then actually, me and my friend had planned to celebrate new year somewhere at kk and unlucky we have to cancel our plan because of some little problem. Its ok then, with that i can spent my time to sitting on front of my Laptop like now! hahaha

Ok!...i am blur right now! Don't know what to write down! its always like this. damn!

wish: i can improve much of my English language. Gaummmm!

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