Thursday, January 13, 2011


Salam. Now I got offer to work at Kuala Lumpur. But then, I don't know whether I should accept it or not. I love to go there, but I am sure that my family did not allow me to go far from them. That is because I am their youngest son. Huhu. Be working at here does not guarantee my bright future. I realized that.

So, I need to think carefully of that. Dear God, please show me something. I need to decide for my self and my family of course. Yeah, seriously i said now that i am not really secure with my job now. Isn't means that i am not be grateful with i have got right now. But I want to be better than now.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I know who I am

Salam. There is already a week we are in year 2011. I forget to update this my second blog. So, far everything is okay. I don't have any idea to update here. Hehe because, i already shared my story into my first blog.

This afternoon after work, i will going back to kampung because i need to attend my auntie's engagement on tomorrow. I am happy for her. Me and my auntie is actually quite close each other. Because we are in same age but i am more old a month than her. Actually, she is my mother's last sister. hehe

Next week i have a class. I will teach Microsoft excel 2003 level 3 to corporate people. Its quite difficult for me to teach about the computer's application. Ya, I don't have any computer certificate to teach people. Even my self also need to prepare everything. I just learn the application from book tutorial. Before this, I just know use the basic one of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Just the basic! And now, i have to be independent to learn it alone. huhu Poor me right!.

My boss has been assumed that I was in expert to teach people about that applications. Its make me a bit stress. But then, I have to think positively. Never mind at all, in addition to improving my computer skills. I can get an experiences to be tutor. Because, i can improve my confidence level and in the same time I can improve my speaking skills. Because I have to teach people in English language. But then, sometime (usually actually) I mix my language in Bahasa also. because my English Language is not structured once I speak up in front of audience. Hahaha So, no need to be shame ya boy! By inch you can learn more.

Ok then, I don't know either got people read this blog or not. But, its okay for me.