Sunday, October 18, 2009


There is long time i'd never write i admit that i miss to write something..but i don't have enough the way, thank for all my readers who owez be my supporters..i appreaciate it..thanks a lot.
Right now, i was working at AIA BHD penang..but not as a prmnt staff, it was my contract job in 6month period..myb there is my lucky to improve my english coz all staff over there using english as a communication language..but the problem is, i feel shy to speak up..coz,my pronouncation sound worst..huhu what should i do? I try to be brave, but i cant speak a lot coz automaticly my brain going stuck.. I become blank..myb coz i try to arrange my words one by one.. It was make me down..i like to heard when their talking.. I wish i'll be like them.. Really want to be like that..i mean, can speak smoothly..
I owez read news paper (english) to improve my english.. But still cant master it.. Why my brain cant eccept easily? I also owes pray to God, I ask Him to make me fluent in english..hope i can master this language a.s.a.p..
I plan to buy digital dictionary..myb with that i can owes search any new word that i dun undstnd anytime, anywhere..but.. I dun hv enough money to buy it..
God..plez show me a way..
Friend..plez help me to be what i want to be..
From my primry school..i like to stdy this lnguage..but my teacher didnt show me the was not their fault..myb.. me myslf didnt do what i was suppose to not owz read, coz in that time i owez thought that when i grow up, myb i can master it..but now i realize, it didnt happen..stupid!
I want sumting that can gv me spirit to learn englsh..more and more..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i did it..

I had tried to read English's novel even I fully do not understand it.
I tried my best to read..
Everyday I got new vocabulary. But I'm the one who always forget what I read.
Besides, I also heard the music, of course English song with hope I can understand what the singer sing about.
Hehe maybe with this way, I can correct my pronunciation.

This English language makes me crazy. Why I can't master it? Although I am interest with this language.
I like it! Swear...But until now on I still cannot master it.
am I stupid? Huh! I don't think so heheh see... if read all my sentences...i just used simple words.
Hehehe so boring..Isn't it? Whatever.. What the important is I will try to not write in Malay hikhikhik..

Emm..Recently, I went out with my cousin at the city of Alor Star, Kedah.
Just hang out and walked at shopping mall because I felt bored at home.
Then, I saw the 'popular?.Actually that is the books store. Then we went in and looking for all the books..
Huhuhu then, do you know what I bought? Hehehe tarraaaa i buy some book..
'English the Easy Way, the all-in-one guide to basic English grammar?..
Just for crazy to improve my English skills, I bought it..huhuhu
but I am happy because the book can be my friends hehehe
i want to achieve my dream?.i will prove it someday?

Sometimes, I have been thinking.. I need someone to talk in English with me.
Maybe with this ways can make me better in my speaking skills..hehehe
but I have no one who can bring speak up with me..huhu
actually, when I read some articles, I can understand what is it means.
But when I try to write down or speak up, it's make me blur..seems like I don抰 know what to say and how to write?
卻ometimes, I felt fed up with my self..
and jealous with my friends that great in this their become so great then me? Huhu?

So guys, please show me the way how to improve my English.
I know it really important right now. In addition, I want to prepare myself for find a job.
course all companies will be hire the one who fluency in English..huhu
I am so scared when I thinking this matter... I don't have any great talent..
So, that why I want to improve my soft skill huhu am I right?
I sure that..hehehe so, better I get ready right now for my future . guys, teach me huhu

Saturday, May 30, 2009

last night, me and my cousin went to i am enjoy watched that movie "terminator salvation", last day also, im not on9 because my cousin on9 that time...he spent one day to on9..did what? playing on9 computer game..but what can i say..this is his, i cannot do anything heeheheheh...

today, my aunt cook "sagu" who sent by my sister from my village..Sagu is my favorite food..this is food traditional from, you guys who want to try it, just come to Sabah. hehehehehe

My aunt told me last night that her daughter (my cousin) saw ghost in this house..on that time my aunt and her husband go to market buy to buy some fruit.. She asked me.."do you believe that she saw the ghost?"..i said "i don't know aunt..maybe she was right, not impossible..hehe" aunt just look at me and asked again "are you afraid"...then i said "i am not afraid" hehehe...this is normal in our life..and actually there is lucky if we can see the ghost..

ok i wanna go to eat the sagu 1st...hehehe

Friday, May 29, 2009

First of all

For improve my English skill, that's why i created this guys, please teach me k..
also in this blog..i will try to type in English language only...akhakz!!
Actually, I'd promised with my lecturer before that i will write in English at my another blog.
ok...that all..heeeee~~