Sunday, October 18, 2009


There is long time i'd never write i admit that i miss to write something..but i don't have enough the way, thank for all my readers who owez be my supporters..i appreaciate it..thanks a lot.
Right now, i was working at AIA BHD penang..but not as a prmnt staff, it was my contract job in 6month period..myb there is my lucky to improve my english coz all staff over there using english as a communication language..but the problem is, i feel shy to speak up..coz,my pronouncation sound worst..huhu what should i do? I try to be brave, but i cant speak a lot coz automaticly my brain going stuck.. I become blank..myb coz i try to arrange my words one by one.. It was make me down..i like to heard when their talking.. I wish i'll be like them.. Really want to be like that..i mean, can speak smoothly..
I owez read news paper (english) to improve my english.. But still cant master it.. Why my brain cant eccept easily? I also owes pray to God, I ask Him to make me fluent in english..hope i can master this language a.s.a.p..
I plan to buy digital dictionary..myb with that i can owes search any new word that i dun undstnd anytime, anywhere..but.. I dun hv enough money to buy it..
God..plez show me a way..
Friend..plez help me to be what i want to be..
From my primry school..i like to stdy this lnguage..but my teacher didnt show me the was not their fault..myb.. me myslf didnt do what i was suppose to not owz read, coz in that time i owez thought that when i grow up, myb i can master it..but now i realize, it didnt happen..stupid!
I want sumting that can gv me spirit to learn englsh..more and more..