Saturday, May 30, 2009

last night, me and my cousin went to i am enjoy watched that movie "terminator salvation", last day also, im not on9 because my cousin on9 that time...he spent one day to on9..did what? playing on9 computer game..but what can i say..this is his, i cannot do anything heeheheheh...

today, my aunt cook "sagu" who sent by my sister from my village..Sagu is my favorite food..this is food traditional from, you guys who want to try it, just come to Sabah. hehehehehe

My aunt told me last night that her daughter (my cousin) saw ghost in this house..on that time my aunt and her husband go to market buy to buy some fruit.. She asked me.."do you believe that she saw the ghost?"..i said "i don't know aunt..maybe she was right, not impossible..hehe" aunt just look at me and asked again "are you afraid"...then i said "i am not afraid" hehehe...this is normal in our life..and actually there is lucky if we can see the ghost..

ok i wanna go to eat the sagu 1st...hehehe

Friday, May 29, 2009

First of all

For improve my English skill, that's why i created this guys, please teach me k..
also in this blog..i will try to type in English language only...akhakz!!
Actually, I'd promised with my lecturer before that i will write in English at my another blog.
ok...that all..heeeee~~