Thursday, January 6, 2011

I know who I am

Salam. There is already a week we are in year 2011. I forget to update this my second blog. So, far everything is okay. I don't have any idea to update here. Hehe because, i already shared my story into my first blog.

This afternoon after work, i will going back to kampung because i need to attend my auntie's engagement on tomorrow. I am happy for her. Me and my auntie is actually quite close each other. Because we are in same age but i am more old a month than her. Actually, she is my mother's last sister. hehe

Next week i have a class. I will teach Microsoft excel 2003 level 3 to corporate people. Its quite difficult for me to teach about the computer's application. Ya, I don't have any computer certificate to teach people. Even my self also need to prepare everything. I just learn the application from book tutorial. Before this, I just know use the basic one of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Just the basic! And now, i have to be independent to learn it alone. huhu Poor me right!.

My boss has been assumed that I was in expert to teach people about that applications. Its make me a bit stress. But then, I have to think positively. Never mind at all, in addition to improving my computer skills. I can get an experiences to be tutor. Because, i can improve my confidence level and in the same time I can improve my speaking skills. Because I have to teach people in English language. But then, sometime (usually actually) I mix my language in Bahasa also. because my English Language is not structured once I speak up in front of audience. Hahaha So, no need to be shame ya boy! By inch you can learn more.

Ok then, I don't know either got people read this blog or not. But, its okay for me.


nizam said...

huhu...teaching is the best part on my life and it will be in fact maybe...just wait several years to perform it,and you dont be bashful when teaching someone,you must have a higher confident level to fight it,anyway best of luck for you!!!

~boy @ Mr. K~ said...

Thank you dude!