Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Leave Application

Hi reader,
Now, i am a bit upset with my boss because before this she had promise to us (her staff) that we will be on leave for a week start from 24th December 2010 till 2nd January 2011. But then, just now I asked her again to make sure about the holidays.

You know what? her feedback is really make me down.
She said that, "i'm not sure can give you a leave for a week".
Damn! I already planned to do something for the holidays.

How come you can said like that madam!
You already make a promise!
and now you break your promise!

But, she ask me to fill the leave form if i still want to take my leave!
Ok, fine! I ll take it!~~~~~huh!


nizam said...

feel like sorrow when i just finished read this entry...your boss really bad!!! after this,just take leaves without her permission...taught it!!!

~aku boy~ said...

thanks nizam! may i like ur comment?? hik3
I like!!!!!!!!!!!
But i couldn't do that...huuu
i still need my job for my self, my family, to pay my ptptn, and etc...
thats why i just take a leave with a right way.
never mind if she deduct my annual leave, as long as i can be with my family for Christmas.. (poor my non-muslim family side if im not attend for celebrate christmas with them)... already 3 years i missed for that celebration. huuuu