Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poor my blog..

haha.. sometimes i feel regret to open this second blog because its seems like i ignore this blog. When i want to write down some story here, i don't know what is it because i already shared all my stories into my first blog. But then I don't want to delete this blog anyway. I love it.

I just review this book just now, and i realize that my entry here only had five posts.. 4 entry for year of 2009 and 1 for year of 2010. Very bad. haha

Ermmm... let me think... what i want to share here.. 1....2....3....4...5.....6.......7.....8....9.....10 seconds

Okay, i saw 'Mari Menari' at Astro ria just now (it is the final competition tonight) and i was happy because my favorite couple has selected to the final round, they are Ariz couple and Razif couple. I like to see the two of this couples because they are so good in dancing. All the result is totally come from spectator which is the public will chose who will be a winner by sms. Personally, i chose Ariz couple will be a winner but the real winner come to Razif couple. Congratulation to this couple anyway. Then, the winner will get a 5 star condominium at ipoh. I like the present! so fantastic present...!!

I like dance. And i miss to dance. With dancing, I can improve my confident level in front of public. Its make me happy when people see and give a big clap. Actually, dancing is not hard for me, just follow the beat of music and shake your body to feel the song. Maybe some people say that dancing is hard, some people say "i don't know how to dance"... that is because they feel embarrassed if people saw their dancing. Maybe They worried what people would say with what their did while they dance hahaha for me, i never thinking of that.... what i want people will think is...they like to see the way i dance.. i ll make them impressed with my step. hik3

p/s: dancing make me crazy..


nizam said...

good your words actually,both us have a same interested in dancing...its not hard actually if you work hard in this,anyway what type dance you like most?? as for me all dance i love..hehehe

~aku boy~ said...

well, me either... whatever dance it is..
i like it...heeee